Haddix, Margaret Peterson.  (2002).  Among the Betrayed.  NY:  Aladdin.

Margaret Peterson Haddix has written a series of sensitive and controversial teenage novels with futuristic life situations.  Among the Betrayed is book three of the “Shadow Children” sequence.  In this novel, the main character Nina Idi, is faced with a decision that affects not only her life, but the lives of others.


Families in the future may have only two children.  Any additional children become “shadow children” and to survive must be kept hidden.  Third children are acutely aware of their environments; their families and friends; and the dreaded “Population Police.”  Nina, a third child, is betrayed by her boyfriend and is arrested by the Population Police.  Her choice is to expose other shadow children or suffer severe consequences herself.


The novel is a platform for focusing on decision making strategies based on cause and effect situations.  Parents may choose to talk with teens about cause and effect decisions in their own child’s life, helping them to make positive decisions.  Here are a few starter examples using open ended response statements:


§  Because I complete my homework, I _________________________.

§  Because I am a responsible driver, I _____________________________.

§  Because I opened a savings account, I _______________________________.

§  Because I play with the orchestra, I _____________________________.

§  Because I told the police about the school hit list, I _______________________.

§  Because I broke up with _______, I __________________________________.

§  Because I went out for the baseball team, I ____________________________.

§  Because I have to wear glasses, I ____________________________________.